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Teavana Tea Case Study

Wrapped up a pr campaign for Teavana Tea a couple months ago. I think almost everyone enjoys a hot cup of tea every now and again, especially if it has a couple extra healthy antioxidants and natural ingredients that helps you shed a pound or two. Well I was absolutely thrilled when the makers of Teavana Tea asked us to handle their PR. Teavana is a special kind of tea: it has numerous health benefits, including weight loss.

It's a blend of several green teas and was developed by medical graduate Tim Thurlings. Our first move was to research the ingredients of the tea. A quick Google search revealed that many of the teas inside Teavana were already popular with celebs such as Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham and Courtney Cox. Our initial press release announced how the world's favorite green teas, beloved by the rich and famous, had been put together for the first time.

The piece was picked up by the Women’s Health magazine that ran it under the headline "Slimming Tea Causes a Stir". The piece has already been read by more than a million people, some of whom then visited Teavana.com to place an order.

The director whom is also a “Doctor” agreed to our idea to present himself to the media as “Dr Tea” - a medical professional who decided to specialize in finding the perfect cup of tea rather than medicine.  Such a unique story the media could not deny or resist!

Think I’m going to make myself a nice hot cup of Teavana tea before bed and I plan on calling "Doctor Tea" in the morning…just to say thanks!

Teavana Case Study – October 2010

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