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EOTM PR works closely with all its clients to maximize the volume and quality of media exposure, but we don’t just throw them to the wolves…so to speak, we consult on all angles.

We make sure that when the hard work has been done to secure an interview opportunity, our clients are properly prepared for anything that’s thrown at them in front of the camera, in a radio studio or over the phone.  

Unlike the traditional approach, we don’t show people how to “put on an act”. Instead, we foster and build upon existing personality strengths rather than produce media-trained "clones". We want to capitalize on our client’s unique personality, not stifle it - this, we believe, puts our clients in the best possible position to make the most of any interview.

This is what we're good at - seamlessly dove-tailing media strategy into your authentic personality, leaving you with the ability to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time in a way that's in-tune with modern audiences and the modern media.

When our clients are speaking to the audience - whether it is the press, conference attendees, investors or customers - they are without a doubt the sharpest.



At EOTM PR, we have the contacts for preparing you for that spell in the limelight. So come on, get in touch we know what you are trying to achieve and we know what the journalist, interviewer and fans want and making everything mesh is what we’re good at.

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