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Lourdes Duque Baron - Reinventing Hope, a Lofty Ambition

Posted by EOTM Admin on August 23, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

By Carla B.

Around The World News: Lourdes Duque Baron's engagement, helping poverty stricken individuals gain access to medical care.


Lourdes Duque Baron is a EOTM Award Winning Author, Singer, Entrepreneur, Model, Mother & Wife....devoted to numerous humanitarian causes. She is founder of The Hope For The World Foundation and a avid supporter of The World Medical Mission Foundation.


Lourdes began promoting public awareness advocating for those in need long ago. Later penning a couple best sellers and embarking on a singing career. Throughout the years, however, one element has remained constant, her commitment to the world health cause. That pledge is marked by real life tragedy; women, men and children who can not afford life saving medical treatment, perishing from this earth.


Mrs. Baron is helping spread the word about this dire need by participating and facilitating community events, public service announcements and fundraisers. The lucidity, the determination and courage shown by Lourdes is a source of motivation for us all.


Paving New Roads For the Future of Humanity - Medical Help for All Humans

In poverty-stricken areas, poor medical facilities, low standard, no access to medical care is common. This phenomenal woman is doing all she can to address these problems.

The central message is one of both hope and urgency. Hope, that enough people with an ear to hear, and a passion to help save humanity... steps up. The challenge is significant but without it, the world as a whole loses.


In addition to promoting public awareness Lourdes generates significant revenues for the organization and has generously donated to the foundation. There is no doubt that Lourdes immense popularity throughout the Philippines, Mexico and around the world will continue to benefit The World Medical Mission.

As her songs reach a wider audience, she will be in a better position to appeal to the generosity of a greater number of people. Each year and with each step of her involvement, will surely bring the organization closer to their dreams.

If you plan on being in the Los Angeles area September 5, 2014 you may want to stop by The Gibson Showcase Center and support an amazing Hope For The World Foundation event, featuring Lourdes.

For more information on The Hope For The World Foundation please visit www.hopefound.co.


Image credit: Getty