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Music Review: Lourdes Duque Baron delivers "Time After Time"

Posted by EOTM Admin on June 30, 2014 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (1)

By Carla B.

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The 9th and final song off her debut album, Feeling Good At Any Age, "Time After Time" takes enthusiasts back to when music was good enough to CHANGE the world. Enlisting multiplatinum record producer Andrew Lane, 67-year-old Lourdes Duque Baron's career in music....well, it has only just begun.

Time After Time has always been one of my favorite songs. It's one of those jams I play over and over...rewind...play extra slowly, assuring I soak up the atmosphere. To help craft the world Mrs. Baron has sculpted. Her twist, a masterpiece that combines old and new, traditional and electro to magical effect.


Opening with Doo-wop twang, the listener is instantaneously immersed into sweet philharmonic madness and majestic tunes that flutter through the speakers. Introducing the auditor to a remix of timeless resonance flickering back and forth like a skipping record or a computer crashing on certain notes. When this is an orchestra and synth combination, the effect makes for an off kilter but frankly original and startling score.


“I only know what I know -- the passing years will show --- you've kept my love so young -- so new,” she purrs...and not like a robo-diva and she isn't even on autopilot.


She's utterly soulful.


Time After Time has an angelic ethereal quality that's pretty darn perfect with an epic vibe and pulsating beats.


Beautiful and meditative, makes you wonder with awe ...to live in eternal time. The singer is simply the best there is... at what she does.


I was blown away with the complexity and originality of it, as well as the emotion that runs at full speed throughout. The scope just on this single track is astounding and sets up the album perfectly.


I'm laughing OUT Loud at myself as I realize I am still humming.... after listening to the track the umpteenth time.


This song may be from way back then, but my advice is: buy it now! It'll sound great at any party.

 My rating? Well, it's a solid 10. There really is no argument.

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