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How will "Chris Lighty" one of the most powerful figures in the hip hop business be remembered in Pop Culture

Posted by EOTM Admin on September 2, 2012 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

“Be very serious, be focused. You got nothing to lose in this game by being consistent, and not just thinking you are going to get in and make 100 million dollars, cause that’s not going to happen. Make a career; I rather sell 10 million records over ten years than 10 million records once, it’s a business," Chris Lighty.


By: Carla B. Follow on Twitter @EOTMPR - Like us on Facebook

For many Chris Lighty will be remembered as one of the most powerful figures in the hip hop business. A fundamental key player in transforming the  rap game from being grimey to appealing to mainstream media, ushering in the era of white collared hip hop moguls.

Brokering some of the biggest deals in hip hop music with entities like Sprite and Coca Cola. The brain behind 50 cents’ energy drink which netted the rapper more than $400 million dollars and negotiating LL Cool J’s Gap endorsement back in 1999, which was one of the most genius case studies in hip hop to date. It was also momentous due to the fact that LL Cool J was the first rapper to ever be called on to endorse a mainstream apparel company.

“Jeans popping in every mall in town and city. G-A-P gritty, ready to go, for us, by us, on the low,” he rapped.

And that right there ya’ll was something sales and marketing experts like to call, ‘guerilla marketing 101.’  With the help of Chris Lighty, the hip hop icon was able to incorporate a little somethin somethin for his financial interests, on the sly…promoting all things, ‘FUBU.’

To be given the opportunity to endorse a company as big as Gap and then successfully add a smaller apparel name to the final product was straight, ‘gangsta.’ As you can see from the video above, LL Cool J also rocked a FUBU hat during his commercial spot.

Lighty also claimed to have been instrumental in hooking up Gee and his client Drake with a Sprite endorsement, saying, "Here's a quick $850,000, let's get busy baby."

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Los Angeles Publicist Carla B. says,"YES" Artist Development matters

Posted by EOTM Admin on August 30, 2012 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Artist Develpment/Publicity/Strategic Marketing

Artist development in the music industry has evolved over time, leaving most of the early progress to the artist themselves. For the most part, the days are gone when a record label developed up and coming talent. The question continuously arises for those young artists, “where do I start”? Most newcomers to the music industry think of artist development as learning what to say during an interview, what to say on stage, maybe a little stage show planning, and very little more. And yes, these are a handful of the topics covered by artist development, but these are only the tiniest of details. True artist development twists itself into an artist’s entire life and career. Artist development is what turns an “IT” factor artist into an International super star – seemingly overnight. But in reality – that overnight success took months of planning, working, developing, and maintaining a tight artist work schedule that groomed an artist into a music industry success story.

Artist development takes raw talent and molds it into a presentable package. It can include image, style, branding, song selection, artwork, video, publicity training, artist back story, and much more. Artist development is what separates the haves from the have nots. Think about how many artists, producers, musicians, or groups you have seen perform in your life time. I am not talking about the super stars; I am talking about the local artist playing for a few beers or pennies. You have seen some great music – in fact – I would bet you have seen some the world’s best musicianship right in your home town, but why are they still performing for the home crowd if they are the best in the world?

Lack of Understanding the Basics; Artist Development does Matter

Artist development starts with training and understanding the music industry including; what to expect, how to get around in the industry without putting your foot in your mouth, who the power players are and what you need to do to get their attention, what a marketing campaign is -vs- a strategy, who you really are promoting to when performing a retail marketing campaign, and the list goes on! True artist development is about understanding the music industry from inside out and knowing how to gain industry attention through the new found knowledge.

Most artists understand how to make great music, deliver a great stage show, or connect in a live setting with their fans, but artist development teaches and prepares an artist to captivate even potential fans they are not standing in front of through developed audio, video, media, graphic, and online presentations and merchandising material. Think about it; if you don’t get potential fans attention – LIKE RIGHT NOW – then how will you ever become a super star? You can’t! Becoming a super star requires that everything anyone ever sees, hears, or reads about you makes them want to listen more, read more, or get closer to you in one way or another. If your career packaging is lacking this ability your success is very limited. Artist development develops your image, branding, marketing, and creative direction into a complete package that sells an artist’s personality better than he or she can do on their own.

A music career is a charted path to follow. Artist development involves all the issues surrounding and arising from that charted path, and crosses into knowledge of product development – the ultimate sale of the music.

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Media Alert: Da Radio Show Annual Celebrity Laced Christmas Toy Drive in Los Angeles

Posted by EOTM Admin on November 16, 2011 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Christmas time is when many of us make wishes. DA Radio Show Christmas Toy Drive makes those wishes come true.

Los Angeles, CA., November 16, 2011 (EOTMPR Press Release) - A traditional holiday toy drive with a fashion runway twist will be the scene of DA Radio Shows annual Christmas toy drive December 10th @ The Los Angeles Convention Center.


Together with Angels Clubhouse, LA’s own 1580 AM will host their Fifth Annual Christmas Toy Drive Extravaganza.


DA Radio Show continues its legacy and evolution as the ambassador event in Los Angeles for giving to the less fortunate during the Christmas season and celebrating the accomplishments of emerging young artist throughout the music industry.


Regarded as one of the most elite events of the holiday season, DA Radio Shows Christmas red carpet is a launch pad for the future careers of singers, actors, directors and entertainers. A must-attend for Hollywood’s A-list, industry executives and fans alike, it draws extensive media coverage from national and international press.


Angels Club House and DA Radio Show extends a personal invitation for you to come out and cover this event as well as being their special guest, with the hopes of making Christmas a little better for less fortunate children.


A unique entertaining program will be presented in grand style consisting of recording artists, comedians, dancers and a fashion show to top off the festivities.


There will be multiple recipients receiving the donated toys provided by our thoughtful guests.


The event will be hosted by DA Radio Show on air personalities Dundee, Musical MD, Status and Unanimouz.


To request media credentials, please contact Carla Barnes of EOTM Public Relations at  213-290-3573.


Deadline to request media credentials is Thursday, December 1st .


For more information on DA Radio Show or Angels Clubhouse please visit www.daradioshow.com -- www.angelsclubhouse.punchtv.net and follow on Twitter @Daradioshow @AngelsClubHouse

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