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Artist / Activist / African Hip-hop Consultants Wagėblė joins the Explore South Africa Tour

Posted by EOTM Admin on October 12, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Senegal’s most popular Hip Hop BandWagëblë joinsAZitiZ for the Explore South Africa Tour (ESAT) – a Conscious Music Movement

Waterflow and Eyewiteness - Photo Credit - Sandy Haessner

Moved by a strongdesire to push conscious music to mainstream, AZitiZ rounds up other hip hop artists for a great cause... singing the tunes of good ole “conscious music.”

Azitiz Entertainment and Headgear Media has announced that Senegal’s hip hop band Wagëblë will be joining the Explore South Africa Tour, 1st stop Johannesburg, April of 2012.

Yes, US & South Africa Hiphop fans will unite for a tour that some are saying is paramountin helping to move forward conscious music in mainstream media, uniting amultitude of cultures with one thing in common, push... ‘TheMessage".

The Explore South Africatour (ESAT) is a mass conscious music movement helping to not necessarily pushout other forms of hip hop, but to allow conscious music artists their fareshare in the mainstream marketplace.

This initiative also aims to assist conscious hip hop artists, fans and brands to enter into the South African market with the hopes of networking, sharing their love for the genre as well as learning the in and outs of the music business via the Global Hip Hop Industry Panel of Experts.

 “Wagëblë is agreat fit for the tour because their music is a unique blend of hip hop, poetryand spoken word. Their message is universal, with a primary focus being to empower the youth of Africa towards building a better world,” a spokesperson for ESAT said.

 Wagëblë’s messages to the youth in Sénégal emphasize hard work,self-determination and encourage the building of the future in Sénégal, their Motherland.

Group members include Papa Moussa Lo aka WATERFLOW and Lamine Kandji aka EYEWITNESS.

Unbeknownst to the band, Wagëblë was an inspiration for some of the tours ideals; a main focal point is the emphasis on conscious artists being the voice of the voiceless as well asbeing instrumental in promoting the ideals of socio-economic and racial parity.

In an interview with ABC News, group member MoussaLo, a.k.a. Waterflow said he became a hip-hop singer not for success or his ownglory, but to be "The voice of the voiceless, Hip-hop in Africa needs to grow,we are the journalists for the people."

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