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Knowing your clients brand and your own!

Posted by EOTM Admin on February 12, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by: PR2Politics

As the public relations industry begins to expand with young vibrant publicist starting boutique firms throughout major cities, I would like to share a few insights that has made me successful and feel will help others. In the midst of understanding our clients brands and preparing marketing strategies, we tend to forget to prepare a brand of our own. Branding, not in the sense of securing interviews and media placements, but first understanding what separates us from other industry elites. There are several successful ways to market one brand, as publicist, we strive to create our own style. It is important to clearly outline what we can assure our clients of what they can benefit from by choosing our particular brand they may not be getting from elsewhere.

This idea came to me when one of my followers @CHLOEISPPLA tweeted, "what makes you stand out in pr?" Such a simple tweet set up an alarm in my head that made me sit back and review what is it that makes me different. What is the key element that all my campaigns will have ? Two words, Partnership development. As a political science major tackling the world of public relations, I was able to translate some of the skills from my academic background to influence my campaign strategy. Often times during political campaigns, the key element for a candidate is becoming connected to certain figures and organizations to ensure a vote from a certain demographic. For example, an elected official may be seen on a campaign trail accompanied by a rapper to symbolize to voters their "down to earth" mentality and create a strategy to ensure the young urban demographic vote. Some candidates may attend a Planned Parenthood event to show how liberal they are and persuade pro-choice supporters to vote for them. When outlining my campaign, partnership development is a key focus. A recent case study is work I did for stylist Couture Shaun owner of Couture Treasure's who I had create Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts, in honor of her sister's diagnosis of cancer. Someone who has been affected by cancer or looking to support her initiative but may not know of her line, will now be aware of her brand. One who went solely for the initiative of checking out the purpose of the shirts, unknowable became a consumer to the brand and will begin to explore other items. Due to my major, this is an aspect I am capable of excelling in because of the access to various activist groups. In the social science field, we are always expected to conduct service learning activities or interviews with groups/figures that revolve around various social issues. My strategies to partner my clients with activist or causes to bring a new consumer base to their brand, have brought them great success in growing their business. My company name, "Pr2politics" does not speak to the the type of clients I represent, but more so of the strategy that I use. I encourage all publicist, newbies and pros to find the one thing that separates them from other publicist. Be able to explain to your clients things that make your strategy different. The client has to decide which style of pr representation they want and what is more important to them. A client may not even know this aspect is important to them until you present your case. Be sure to know your clients brand AND your own.

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Electronic Press Kit Creation

Posted by EOTM Admin on October 2, 2011 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

To hire  EOTM PR to create your media kit, email [email protected]

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is an alternative electronic version of your regular press kit. The EPK uses a web-based graphical interface to present all of the information about you, including bios, photos, audio samples, demo reels, photographs, calendar of events, interviews, other press, blogs, posters, and links to other sites.


Many of the companies and agencies with whom you will be dealing prefer to receive presentation material in electronic form because it allows them to save time and money. Your EPK is your electronic business card, which contains all of the information necessary to make a professional presentation to potential clients and agencies. At the same time, your EPK signals that you are represented by a trustworthy company, you have legal protection, and you are ready to do business. Allow EPR to help present you, your band, music and product far better than in print alone.

EPR’s online press kits are a multimedia experience, highlighting all things you.

If you are a musician or band interested in booking gigs or a music promoter booking bands then allow EPR to be your online destination for all things marketing/promotions.


EOTM Public Relations also offers full marketing and promotional packages, bookings, media promotions artist development, public relations and more.


EPR specializes in electronic press kits – creating smart, comprehensive, cutting edge portfolios.

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Free Publicity for Indie Artist Promotion

Posted by EOTM Admin on September 27, 2011 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

You are a famous musician in the making if only someone would just hurry up and discover your break through brilliance. You feel pretty confident that your popularity has a shot at extending beyond just a local appeal but you don't have any hot contacts anywhere beyond your hometown's live music venues. What does one undiscovered indie artist do to rise to stardom without spending a fortune or resorting to launching national tours using the schmooze factor?

Well, it is simple, really, if you sit down and ponder it. You simply promote yourself to fame for free. Read on.

What many people in any business, but especially the entertainment and performing arts industry are not aware of is that advertising does not always cost hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars. Sure, some might argue that such funds give a person or organization advertising leverage or more options and room to work in when targeting their hopefully future fame but if you are willing to work at a more hands on, grassroots level, an equal amount of, if not more effective tactics can be utilized for very little or no cost to yourself. You just have to be willing to put your heart and soul into your own self promotion. If you are one of those innovative individuals who likes feeling in control of his own image, reputation and personal branding efforts, this type of marketing and advertising using free publicity may work perfectly for your tastes. There are endless ways to obtain free publicity or advertising for yourself or your band, and surely as you begin your promotional campaign one idea or source will lead to another. Here are some easy ways though to at least get you started in generating awareness through free publicity: Social Networking Sites Surely you know of Twitter and Facebook already...a couple others are MusicSpace, ReverbNation and Pandora, just like My Space, allow you to post blog updates, photos, profiles of you and your band and share mp3s. Sign up for the sites that fit your image and interests and future die hard fans will in no time have immediate access to your music.

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