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The Ever - Changing Music Industry and the Significance of hiring a Publicist

Posted by EOTM Admin on January 7, 2014 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Artist Development: The Holy Grail of the Music Industry

Artist development in the music industry has evolved overtime, leaving most of the early progress to the artist themselves. For the most part, the days are gone when a record label developed up and coming talent. The question continuously arises for those young artists, “where do I start”?

Most newcomers to the music industry think of artist development as learning what to say during an interview, what to say on stage, maybe a little stage show planning, and very little more. And yes, these are a handful of the topics covered by artist development, but these are only the tiniest of details.

True artist development twists itself into an artist’s entire life and career. Artist development is what turns an “IT” factor artist into an International super star – seemingly overnight. But in reality – that overnight success took months of planning, working, developing, and maintaining a tight artist work schedule that groomed an artist into a music industry success story.

The Nitty

Artist development takes raw talent and molds it into a presentable package. It can include image, style, branding, song selection, artwork, video,publicity training, artist back story, and much more. Artist development is what separates the haves from the have nots. Think about how many artists,producers, musicians, or groups you have seen perform in your life time. I am not talking about the super stars; I am talking about the local artist playing for a few beers or pennies. You have seen some great music – in fact – I would bet you have seen some the world’s best musicianship right in your home town,but why are they still performing for the home crowd if they are the best in the world?

Lack of Understanding the Basics; Artist Development does Matter

Artist development starts with training and understanding the music industry including; what to expect, how to get around in the industry without putting your foot in your mouth, who the power players are and what you need to do to get their attention, what a marketing campaign is -vs- a strategy,who you really are promoting to when performing a retail marketing campaign,and the list goes on! True artist development is about understanding the music industry from inside out and knowing how to gain industry attention through the new found knowledge.


Most artists understand how to make great music, deliver a great stage show,or connect in a live setting with their fans, but artist development teaches and prepares an artist to captivate even potential fans they are not standing in front of through developed audio, video, media, graphic, and online presentations and merchandising material. Think about it; if you don’t get potential fans attention – LIKE RIGHT NOW – then how will you ever become a super star?

You can’t!

Becoming a super star requires that everything anyone ever sees, hears, or reads about you makes them want to listen more, read more,or get closer to you in one way or another. If your career packaging is lacking this ability your success is very limited. Artist development develops your image, branding, marketing, and creative direction into a complete package that sells an artist’s personality better than he or she can do on their own.

A music career is a charted path to follow. Artist development involves all the issues surrounding and arising from that charted path, and crosses into knowledge of product development – the ultimate sale of the music.

Do you really need a publicist? Is hiring one right for your?

Here’s a checklist to help you decide:

  • Because of work or family commitments, you can't devote the time to create and manage your pr and marketing activities. 

  • You have the desire, need and financial resources to invest in a marketing campaign, but don’t know where to begin or what to do.   

  • You don't have any media contacts. 

  • The thought of cold calling potential clients gives you the shivers.  

  • You're familiar with the basics of how to get local publicity, but you want to take your campaign to the national level and don't know how.  

  • You feel comfortable talking with the media, but don't like the thought of calling reporters and editors on the phone and asking them to cover your story. 

  • You're doing most of your own marketing yourself and you want to take it to the next level for a modest cost. 

  • Your marketing is sporadic and so are the results.

We put more brains on your business, all sorts of different brains that can see through problems – in totally unexpected ways to find solutions. Leveraging the collective brainpower and creativity of our entire agency through game changing, full feedback innovations that benefit every client.

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Resonating the Law of Attraction via Social Media

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I enjoy getting to know the people I meet via social media because it gives me the opportunity to expand my circle of friends and business associates.

I believe that you can never have too many good people in yourlife, however; I believe having one pessimist, “spiritual vampires” as I call them…in your life is way too many. I INVITE anyone who has a POSITIVE outlook on life to connect with me and hopefully we can add some degree of value to each other’s life. All others….well…YOU gets deleted….TONIGHT!

#Nohalfsteppingwhen it comes to the enemy…ijs.

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Join the Brand Revolution

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Get your Brand on…



 New product launches, re-launches and personality development are put into motion by some of the industry’s most seasoned PR directors with proven track records in media relations, event planning and celebrity/high profile management.

At EOTM PR we successfully publicize a myriad of companies, effectively reinforcing existing brands,introducing and building new brands within this competitive and overflowing marketplace. Our impeccable branding talents provide companies with the reassurance of creating an excitement amongst consumers, as well as planning ahead to help ensure longevity, while extending the life of that brand.

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Whatever it takes State of Mind

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I can remember back when I first decided to get out of the infamous rat race. It was very difficult…I am sure my oldest children can attest to this…but I was determined.

I had a contingency plan…just in case. :roll:

I knew I had mortgage and car payments... and at that point…no clients to speak of. :/

Despite all that, I knew without a shadow of a doubt…if need be…I would get a roommate.

Whatever it takes!

Rent out my house and move into an apartment.

Whatever it takes!

Get a second job.

Whatever it takes!

Move in with family.

Whatever it takes!

My “Whatever it takes” attitude will continue to help me climb the ladder of success.

To date...my risks have been well worth the reward!

Adopt the “Whatever it Takes” attitude and see how far it takes you!

Happy Hump day!!

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6 Insider PR Tips for Attracting Media Attention

Posted by EOTM Admin on December 30, 2011 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)


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I've put together a list of helpful tips about what you should or shouldn't do to develop positive relationships with media outlets and attract their attention when you have a story to share:

1. Do Your Research: When contacting the media outlet, make sure you’re contacting the right person. You don’t want to email or call the health producer/editor if you’re looking for the music or entertainment section.

2. Don't Spam: When emailing an outlet, make sure you’re not emailing everyone there. This often happens when auto emails are sent. What happens is a newsroom has a generic email address ([email protected]) and messages sent to that address get sent to many people within the newsroom. It’s annoying to the media, and when multiple emails are sent from the same address with the same message to multiple people, those emails will ultimately get trashed. They may be individually addressed, but it won’t matter. Thirty emails from one place at one time will get ignored.

3. Be Smart About Scheduling: If you are scheduling an event – a launch or ribbon cutting or any other event – schedule it for earlier in the day. When taking into consideration local television schedules, the closer it’s scheduled to deadline, the less likely the event will be on the news. Instead, try 10:30 AM. It leaves enough time before a noon broadcast and plenty of time before the evening newscasts. It also allows newspaper reporters and editors to get the story wrapped up early, which is always appreciated.

4. Don't Be a Pest: Do not call the newsroom to ask whether they will be covering your event. Coverage decisions are fairly last-minute and are generally made the day before. They might even change the morning of your event.

5. Be Yourself: If you do call the newsroom, be conversational. These are people just like you and me. Treat them that way. Also, take timing into consideration when you're calling. There's no worse thing than calling during breaking news (check Twitter or Facebook or even the outlet's website) or just before a newscast.

6. Learn From Your Experiences: Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you feel like you’re not getting the message across, ask the person with whom you’ve been in touch what you could do differently to get more attention. Remember, sometimes it’s all just a matter of timing.

What other tips do you have for attracting media attention?




ASK the Twitter Publicist

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Have a PR question?

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Artist Development PR Tips: Showcase your talent via Touring

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Live performances are an important part of building a buzz for a recordingartist. You should perform at least eight times per month, if at all possible.Concerts enable you to improve your live performance abilities, win over newfans and sell CDs. Touring is also a great vehicle for publicity and radioairplay in new markets.

With record sales being down over the last few years, many artists arerealizing that touring is the best way for them to earn a large amount ofmoney. It also gives them an opportunity to bring in additional revenue fromthe sale of merchandise and CDs right at the venue. The concert setting allowsan artist to sell directly to the consumer without a strong dependency on aretail distribution alliance.

You may be fortunate and have a booking agent onyour team, or perhaps in the early days, you will have to arrange your owntours. Regardless of how your tour is booked, the importance of regularlyperforming in numerous markets cannot be underestimated. If you are firmlyestablished in your home market, then it’s time to consider winning over somenew cities.

Fans and the media can be very fickle and quickly switch their allegiance toanother artist if you are not out there promoting and marketing yourself on aregular basis. Touring is among the best ways to stay on their minds and intheir hearts.

Don’t always be so concerned with what you’re being paid for the performance.Of course, you should try to get what is fair. But remember that your main goalin the early stages of a fledgling career is to use the gigs as a way to gainexperience, sell CDs, win over new fans and as a vehicle to secure press andradio opportunities.

At every gig, you should announce that you have a mailing list. After yourperformance, pass around a pad and pen so that people can sign up if they areinterested in you. Once a month, send out an e-mail that announces upcominggigs and provides fans with additional news and information. It takes someeffort, but it’s worth it. This may sound obvious to you, but so many artiststhat contact me simply don’t create and maintain a mailing list.

Before you even consider planning and booking a tour, you must do your homework and prepare diligently. You must be able to put on a show that is entertaining and professional. The band and the crew must be well rehearsed and capable of successfully handling their respective responsibilities eachnight.

Song selection, equipment set up and breakdown, sound technicians, lights,hotels and transportation must be organized before the tour can actually begin.

Make sure you send a thank you card or appreciative e-mail to anyone who helped to make your tour a success.

This simple gesture of kindness will go a long way and so few take the time to do it, the one who do will stand out.

Being on tour is not a license to get drunk every night, while missing gigsand press interviews. If you worked in an office at some big corporation youwouldn’t act like that. If you did, you’d be fired long before you even soberedup! Take your career seriously or it won’t be a career for very long.

Do your best to get as much rest of possible. Try to eat healthy and avoidthe excesses of the road.

These days, many hotels have exercise equipment and swimming pools. Usethese as opportunities to stay in shape.


Good luck out there!

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Fashion PR Tips

Posted by EOTM Admin on August 19, 2011 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

In this day and age advertising alone is not enough. People are too quickly getting used to the hype and excitement that surrounds an advertisement and do no longer believe in the credibility of an advertisement. That is why if the fashion industry can find a spokes person who will use their product and be a living testimony of their product, they are quickly shelling out millions in order to retain those people. The public in general is more apt to believe the testimony of someone not related to the company than an advertisement.

The public relations departments in all fashion outlets in the fashion industry are working hard to find someone who will review their product, and use the product, without having to be paid by the company. If a company can get their product reviewed by someone in the press who is not affiliated with the company at all, then they are going to run a much more successful campaign and often out sale their competitors by millions. The general public wants true and honest opinions about a product before they are willing to try it out.

Most fashion companies are going to look outside their own business for a public relations department. Most fashion companies will hire a public relations office to represent them; there are many benefits for doing this.

One benefit is that if you are a new business, just trying to break your way into the fashion industry, then you are going to need help promoting your company and your products. By hiring an outside public relations company you are going to be connecting yourself to an already established company that will already have it's name and it's credibility out in the media world. Depending on the reliability and the credibility of the public relations company you choose to go with, some media outlets may even come to them for information and sources for good products. If you are connected to them this will be a great opportunity for your product to become widely known.

Finding an established public relations company can greatly increase the productivity of your up and coming fashion company.

Hope this helps!

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EOTM Cyber Publicity Campaign

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Working to increase your overall online exposure by using EOTM's strategic marketing and branding techniques.

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• Facebook & Twitter Marketing to increase Fans & Followers•

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A Star is Born

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Top 10 Tips for Unsigned Artists


As an unsigned artist, publicity is a huge driving force when you’re looking at success in the music industry. Although it’s definitely beneficial to retain a publicist once you have your music career in gear, you can still manage to create a little buzz on your own in the meantime. Below are the top ten tips for generating your own publicity as a music artist.

1. Make sure you have a press kit that includes a well-written bio, an 8X10 photo, CD and contact info.

2. Go local. Local press is by far the easiest press to get. Let them know your story and send in a CD. Shoot for the music editor or columnist and if they don’t have one assigned specifically, contact the entertainment editor.

3. Social networking sites are all about music these days. For example, Myspace and Facebook’s  reach is incredible for gaining new fans. Where else can you find people to listen to your music in the convenience of their own home? Make sure you are updating your music, adding friends, keeping them all posted, and updating the tour dates.

4. Internet radio is a great way to share your music with the masses. You don’t have to approach the big ones—you can see success with air play on smaller stations as well. Send in your mp3’s to local DJs and look up college radio shows nationally and see if they’ll spin your music. EOTM radio is picking up these days too… EOTMRadio.com is a great option for the indie artist it doesn’t cost much and it gets your music heard.

5. Music licensing is a great way to make money and get publicity. Try contacting some music supervisors on TV shows for a start. Send them an inquiry with your information and a link to your music. If you get placed, you can use it for press—and it becomes a story!

6. Music websites and e-zines are always looking for music to review. Look up their websites and send emails to their editors. Tell them why you’re a fit for their magazine and ask if you can send in a CD. Again, try to make contact first… sending in a random package may be useless.

7. Youtube.com outlets to share your music. Try to do something charismatic and original. Reaching out to people online can do wonders. Create a music video, a video blog, sing an acoustic set, take a stab at some comedy– anything… Just remember, first impressions are everything.

8. Be philanthropic. Charity does wonders for publicity outreach. Find something you believe in and offer to play at their event or donate proceeds to their cause. Not only does it get you out there and give you a story angle… but it feels good to help out.

9. Send your CDs to appropriate magazines for your music’s genre. Make sure you call ahead and find out the right contact, unsolicited packages get lost in the shuffle. A good rule of thumb is to look up specific writers you feel would enjoy your music and find out how to reach them.

10. Try to book shows in different towns, that way you can easily label the cluster of shows as a tour and contact local newspapers and radio stations and offer them merchandise in exchange for promotions/articles.

Note that PR is about being smart and creative. It’s about finding a reason for people to care about you and your music. Sure, great music and a good look are helpful, but you also need to reach out to the public and come up with stories. Think outside of the box and you’ll really benefit from the results in no time!

In an effort to help the Indie Artist, EOTM Radio periodically airs shows offering free pr and marketing tips. 

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