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Sometimes you just can’t think of the right words. Or the right tone. Or even the right topic.

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How will "Chris Lighty" one of the most powerful figures in the hip hop business be remembered in Pop Culture

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“Be very serious, be focused. You got nothing to lose in this game by being consistent, and not just thinking you are going to get in and make 100 million dollars, cause that’s not going to happen. Make a career; I rather sell 10 million records over ten years than 10 million records once, it’s a business," Chris Lighty.


By: Carla B. Follow on Twitter @EOTMPR - Like us on Facebook

For many Chris Lighty will be remembered as one of the most powerful figures in the hip hop business. A fundamental key player in transforming the  rap game from being grimey to appealing to mainstream media, ushering in the era of white collared hip hop moguls.

Brokering some of the biggest deals in hip hop music with entities like Sprite and Coca Cola. The brain behind 50 cents’ energy drink which netted the rapper more than $400 million dollars and negotiating LL Cool J’s Gap endorsement back in 1999, which was one of the most genius case studies in hip hop to date. It was also momentous due to the fact that LL Cool J was the first rapper to ever be called on to endorse a mainstream apparel company.

“Jeans popping in every mall in town and city. G-A-P gritty, ready to go, for us, by us, on the low,” he rapped.

And that right there ya’ll was something sales and marketing experts like to call, ‘guerilla marketing 101.’  With the help of Chris Lighty, the hip hop icon was able to incorporate a little somethin somethin for his financial interests, on the sly…promoting all things, ‘FUBU.’

To be given the opportunity to endorse a company as big as Gap and then successfully add a smaller apparel name to the final product was straight, ‘gangsta.’ As you can see from the video above, LL Cool J also rocked a FUBU hat during his commercial spot.

Lighty also claimed to have been instrumental in hooking up Gee and his client Drake with a Sprite endorsement, saying, "Here's a quick $850,000, let's get busy baby."

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Best PR Tips

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Be a source for reporters. When you meet them, simply offer to be a source to get them in front of other contacts. When you make good introductions, they’ll remember. And when they need someone like you, they’ll call YOU!!

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